Monday, 6 February 2017

Class treaty and organisation

Room 21s Class Treaty

Follow instructions carefully
Do you best in everything you do
Listen carefully when others are speaking
Be a good role model for the juniors
Respect the environment – No litter, have a smart lunchbox, pick up rubbish, respect plants and animals
Be honest, even when it’s hard
Make sure you’re ready for the day – put your pencil case and water bottle on your desk and hang your bag in the cloak bay
Use a sensible noise level
Move sensibly and safely in the classroom
Treat people how you want to be treated
Share your ideas and get involved
Put your hand up if you want to speak
Look after the class – no rubbish – use the bins, put lids on the felts, tidy the class, put worksheets in the right place, no playing with
blu-tack or wall displays, no writing on furniture
Always push in your chair
Show the school values – respect, integrity, personal excellence and diversity

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