Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Kutai Fritters by Charlene Mataio - SJ Level 2 August 2012

Kutai Fritters

WALT: Identify main ideas
SC: The first main idea – Sets the scene – w word details
Explain the main things that happen to the main characters

Koro (Grandfather) is giving advice to his grandchildren about how to collect kutai – mussels.

Koro said to collect kutai when there is a low or king tide, never turn your back to the sea and get enough kutai for a feed. 

The family got ready and headed to the beach. The boy was surprised at what he saw.

The boy ran along the beach to the water and danced.  Many of the family members were paddling their feet in the rock pools and looking for crabs.

Dad, Koro and Kalani headed out from shore to find kutai in the rock pools.  They found many big ones and collected enough to feed the family (whanau).

When they got home Koro opened a kutai, it was big, fat and juicy.  They were going to make kutai fritters for tea. 

It would take a long time to get the kutai ready for the fritters but Kalani didn’t care because it had been the best day ever.

 Koro, kutai, Kalani, beach, water, rock pools, king tide, kaimoana, kete, whanau, fritters, tea

Kaimoana – seafood
Kete – flax woven bag
Whanau – family
Koro – grandfather
Kutai – fritters

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