Monday, 6 February 2017

Treaty of Waitangi

The Treaty of Waitangi

What do we know?  Prior Knowledge
Waitangi Day is on the 6th of February every year
Only NZ has Waitangi Day
It occurred because the European and Maori people had a meeting on this day in the past - The meeting was to share the country
Maori were the first people of NZ
It’s a public holiday

What have we learnt so far after watching two You Tube clips

British people started coming to NZ and causing conflict.  There were no policemen or government in charge to state laws or keep control – The Maori thought Britain needed to do something to control its people that were coming here.
European settlers started coming more often, to NZ, in ships between 1800 and 1840
People kept coming to NZ trying to buy all of the Maori peoples’ land
The Maori and Europeans traded items
Trade was not officially allowed because people needed a flag and a ships register – which you could only have if you were actually an official country
A treaty was signed between the Maori chiefs and the British on the 6th of February 1840.  Maori thought that the treaty would provide control, security and safety for the people, Maori thought their land would be protected and that British people wouldn’t cause trouble, they thought they’d be able to live in peace and carry on with their culture and way of life.

British leaders made the treaty because they originally wanted the Maori to be treated better than some other indigenous cultures such as the Aboriginals in Australia.
They thought the French might take control of NZ if they didn’t
The British wanted more land and power around the world – and they thought they could gain good control in NZ. 
The treaty was signed at Waitangi in the Bay of Islands.
The treaty was written in Maori and English

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