Monday, 13 February 2017

WALT: Identify the main ideas in a text

By Miriam Gaynor – SJ – Pt 2 No.4 2008 – Published by Learning Media for the Ministry of Education

Harriet, a young girl, and Cozmo, the dog, are heading off down the drive together.

Harriet is biking to the bus stop with Cozmo running alongside her.  Cozmo is a smart dog who knows many tricks.

Cozmo is Harriet’s personal bodyguard.  Harriet went flying down the hill on her bike, hit a pine branch, fell off and was hurt. 

Harriet tied a note to Cozmo’s collar so that Dad would know she was hurt and needed help.  At first, Cozmo didn’t understand what he had to do.

Harriet kept repeating, “Fetch… Dad” until it seemed like Cozmo understood.

Dad brought the ute down the road to help Harriet.  Cozmo had made it to the house and Dad had seen him, reading the note.

Cozmo had mixed up the two commands and actually thought he was going back to the house to fetch the TV remote.

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