Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Writing - WALT: Write a setting description of the NZ bush

WALT: Think about the senses for a setting description

Gently flowing water
I see my reflection on the beautiful, shiny water
I see the water glimmering in the scorching sun
I see lime green trees swaying in the light breeze
I see bright green leaves on a variety of trees
I see the dazzling water gently moving down the stream
I see fantails fluttering around quickly above the trees
I see huge, puffy bushes living beneath the tall trees
I see the clouds that look like cotton candy
I can see gleaming water in the small stream
I can see spiky leaves sticking out into the pathway
I can see fresh bird poo stuck to the green leaves
I see green acid like water in the slow moving stream
I see tall trees bowing in the wind – personification
The trees are giants – they are tall and big

I can hear cicadas chirping throughout the forest
I hear tall trees swaying swiftly in the breeze
I hear fluttering, sweet birds chirping
I hear water splashing over the occasional rock
I hear lots of birds singing sweet songs
I hear the wind whistling softly
I hear a fish swishing in the water, making a splash
I hear the faintest sound of chicks chirping in the distance

I touch long grass that feels soft and smooth
I could touch long prickly leaves but I don’t because I know it will hurt
I felt cold water as I dipped my feet in the cool stream
I touch the hard, wooden trees and they feel rough and bumpy
I touch the prickly green grass….ouch!
I feel the rough, bumpy dirt under my feet
I feel the strong wind pulling at my hair
I can feel the rough and bumpy bark
I can feel the tickly grass under my feet

I can smell the fresh, clean air
I can smell fresh minty leaves
I can smell fresh air moving around me
I can smell the scent of the pohutukawa flowers
I smell the fresh bird droppings as I walk past the punga tree

I can smell the fresh, blue stream

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