Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Jiya and Eliza's Explain Everything - Identifying and describing 2D and 3D shapes

NOTE:  A triangular pyramid has 4 faces, 6 edges and 4 corners 
              A square based pyramid has 5 faces, 5 corners and 8 edges 
              A sphere has 1 face, 0 vertices and 0 edges

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

WALT: Identify and write simple and compound sentences

Simple Sentences
I like cookies and cream ice cream.
I like dark, stormy days.
My cat is white.
I saw a colourful rainbow.

Compound Sentences – Two ideas joined together with a FANBOYS conjunction
F – for       A – and     N – nor      B – But        O – or      Y – yet       S – So

And – Joining similar ideas – to show a connection between two things
I got an ice cream and some chips from the shop.
I went to the movies and got a smoothie.
I went to Mc Donald’s and ordered a cheeseburger.
The girl had blonde hair and brown eyes.

Or – Giving options or choices (either and or can be used in a sentence)
You can have either strawberry or chocolate ice cream.
You can have either a dog or a cat.
You can have some ice cream or a burger.
Would you rather have a car or bike?
Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?

Nor – Don’t like the options or things suggested   don’t/doesn’t/neither
I like neither ice cream nor chocolate.
I don’t like spiders nor snakes.
I like neither baked beans nor fish.

But – Two different or contrasting ideas
I like baked beans but I hate spaghetti.
I like spicy food but not sour candy.
I like fruit but not vegetables.
I like lamb but I don’t like salmon.

So – explaining – effect
I was bored so I watched TV.
I went to a birthday party so that I could eat cake.
I was hot so I stood in front of the fridge.

I was really tired so I went to bed.

Alex and Kyza's Explain Everything - Identifying and describing 2D and 3D shapes

NOTE: A sphere has 1 face, no edges and no vertices.
For 2D shapes the edges are called sides.

WALT: Describe the lion dance - Raphaels reading group

WALT: Write a description of the lion dance - Raphaels reading group

WALT: Describe the lion dance by gathering ideas from the article ‘Teasing the Lion’
Pt 3 No 3 1991

Introduction - Khushi
We are describing the Chinese Lion Dance that is performed every Chinese New Year.
We are going to describe what the lion looks like, how the lion moves, how the Chinese people feel about the dance, the sounds that can be heard and how the people inside the lion would feel.

Describe what the lion looks like - Seung Joon
The lion looks like a large cat with a short tail, has human legs and a long body. The lion is really detailed and colourful because he is covered in decorations and he is many colours such as: red, blue, green, yellow etc… like the colours of the rainbow . The lion is marvellous.

How the lion moves - Nicole
First the lion begins to stretch, then he moves backwards when the beat gets faster . When the person in front of the lion waves their fan in front of the lion, the lion has to jump around excitedly like the person is trying to tease the lion.  At the end, the lion does a cool trick like climbing up poles.

Describe how the Chinese people feel about the dance - Akshay
The Chinese people feel lucky because the lion brings good luck to the people.  The Chinese may also feel excited about the dance.   The Chinese will go crazy to see the dance. They would seem amazed.
                                                                                                                                                               Describe the sounds heard during the dance - Alex
The Chinese people can hear the drum while they are dancing. They can also hear the whole crowd cheering for the lion dancing.  There are other kinds of instruments too.

Describe how the people inside the lion would feel - Harshit
The Chinese people would feel super excited because they might like doing the dance.  Although when they are doing the dance, they might be feeling hot.  The dancers are not really feeling nervous because they are concentrating on what they doing and making sure the people under the lion aren’t getting too tired- so their minds are filled up with other things apart from who’s watching them.

I believe that the Chinese people think the lion dance is important because the lion dance means good luck to the Chinese people.  The lion dance is a dance happening during the Chinese New year to celebrate it.


We believe we are extended abstract thinkers because we have described several characteristics of the lion dance.  We have explained many of our ideas and we have evaluated the importance of the lion dance in the conclusion.

WALT: Describe what life was like for Chinese goldminers in NZ during the 1860s. Leonardos reading group.

Leonardos reading group - Writing a description of what life was like for Chinese goldminers in New Zealand in the 1860s

Chinese Goldminers in NZ  - Chinese Rock Dwellings  - Pt 2 No 3 1994
by Andrew Crowe - Published by Learning Media Wellington for the Ministry of Education

WALT: Write a description of what life was like for Chinese goldminers in New Zealand in the 1860s
WALT: Evaluate whether the Chinese goldminers had an easy life

Introduction - Tanishka
We are describing what life was like for Chinese goldminers in New Zealand in the 1860s.  We are describing their housing conditions and the positives and negatives of it. Their travel, tools, possessions and belongings.  

Paragraph 2 - Describe the housing and living conditions - Vanessa
The gold miners had to live in the rocky houses in the cliffs they were living on top of the Clutha River because they couldn’t build one.  Some houses were built at the bottom of the river. Their houses were small and cosy. Their  living conditions were alright because the temperature didn’t really change if it was cold.

Paragraph 2 - Describe the housing and living conditions - Khushi
There are some positives for the housing conditions of the Chinese goldminers in the 1860s.  Firstly, the rock houses  were high up the cliffs and well protected.  They were cheap to build, had shelter and were cosy.  However, there were some negatives to their housing conditions.   They had to live in rock houses in cliffs away from towns.

Paragraph 4 - Describe the travel for the Chinese goldminers - Getting to the goldfields - Micah
The Chinese gold miners had to go across an old, rickety, dangerous bridge. It was dangerous because it had loose floorboards and large holes. They could’ve easily fallen into the Clutha river especially with all their heavy tools.

Paragraph 5 - Describe their possessions and belongings - Kyza     
Gold miners belongings were: Pickaxes, shovels, sleeping bags, food, backpacks and clothes.  Their clothes were dusty because of the dust in the rocks.  The pick axes were made from heavy, strong metal and were sharp.  The shovels were made of steel and wood.

Paragraph 6 - Describe the tools the Chinese goldminers had to collect gold - Sahil
The gold miners used to dig out gold with pick axes and shovels.. The tools were heavy because the tools were made out of metal and iron and would have been hard to use all day to find gold.

Paragraph 7 - Khushi and Micah -  
The Chinese gold miners had a hard life because they had to go across an old, rickety bridge with large holes in it.  They lived in tiny houses that could only just fit their sleeping bags. They had to carry lots of heavy, iron tools
(e.g. pick-axes, shovels) to the goldmines and use these for many hours to dig for gold.

Assessment of Our work
We believe that our description is extended abstract because we have several ideas written down and we have explained our work.  We have also written a good evaluation for our conclusion.

Sunday, 26 March 2017


                                        Blue Colour PoemImage result for Blueberry

Blue is the Arctic ocean as it splashes on the ice.
Blue is the fresh water that I drink from a fountain.
Blue makes people sad when they see blue.
Blue can be gloomy and remind me of when I am upset by others.
Blue is also the sky on a fine, sunny day and can make me feel calm and relaxed.


Image result for water drop
Blue is the colour of the ocean,
Blue is the sound of waves crashing against the rocks
Blue is the sound of water crashing down from a waterfall.
Blue smells like the fresh ocean breeze.

Blue is the colour of cold, freezing rain in Greenland
Blue is the colour of the rain droplets high in the sky.
It is the taste of blueberries bursting in your mouth.
It is the calm water that we feel with our fingertips.
Blue is also the sky on a fine, sunny day and can make me feel calm and relaxed. Image result for blue flower pictures

Blue surrounds us.


The Colour Pink - Jiya and Khushi

Pink is fun                    
Pink is the icing on a bun.
Pink is a very loveable colour,
it reminds me of the heart of a mother.
You can see pink everywhere,
it’s over here and over there.

Pink roses are very rare,
Like the ones over there.
Pink is calm
like the colours of lip balm.
Pink is cool, girly and dandy.
It’s the colour of a butterfly
that flutters away in the bright blue sky.
Pink is the yummy strawberries bursting in your mouth,
it reminds me of the most delicious candy floss I've ever had.

Pink makes you feel very shy and embarrassed.
Pink is our expressions,
What would we do without pink?

By Jiya and Khushi

Teacher Comment - Well done girls! I like how you have tried to make your colour poem rhyme. I like that you included how pink makes you feel.

The Colour Red by Alex and Akshay

The Colour Red
Red is a hot volcano erupting.
Red reminds me of burning hot, Summery days.
Red reminds me of tasty strawberries.
Red is the colour of blood deep inside your body.
Red reminds me of face paint.
Red is the colour of China's flag.
Red is the colour of Darth Vader's lightsaber
Red is the colour of flames.
Red is hot, raging fire.
Red is the colour of Vietnam's flag.
Red is the colour of a convertible car.
Red tastes like tomato sauce on a sausage
Red tastes like hot chilly.
Red’s the colour of a peg
Red looks like a cool Ferrari.
Red is the colour of the Welsh rugby team’s uniform.
Red’s the colour of some soccer balls.
Red’s the colour of sweet chilli sauce.
Red is the colour of Kylo Ren's lightsaber.
Red is a colour of a lollipop.
Red is the colour of Count Dooku's lightsaber.
A laser is the colour red.
Red is the colour of heat.

Red is the hottest colour.

By Alex and Akshay

Teacher comment - Well done boys! I like how you described the senses (eg: tastes, looks like). You thought of many interesting things that are red.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Piranavie's recount about her soft toy - Published on Explain Everything

Prisha's recount on a soft toy - Published on Explain Everything

WALT: Write a colour poem - Group Work

WALT – Write a colour poem
SC – Rhyming (optional/not necessary), metaphors, feelings, similes, good adjectives, looks like, adverbs, hyperboles, personification, reminds you of, touch, sounds like, tastes like, smells like

The Colour Black
Black is the colour of our All Blacks team, (Seung)
It is Batman. (Kyza)
Black reminds me of thunderclouds. (Ameena)
Black is Darth Vader, (Tanishka)
Black is darkness.  (Ameena)
Black is evil and the dark side. (Seung)
Black is a moonless sky (Mrs Perkins)
Black is the colour of the Samurai. (Kyza) 
Black is a ninja, (Ashraf)
Black reminds me of a deep, dark cave. (Chay)

Black is spooky, scary and frightening. (Ashraf)
Black is deathly and gloomy, (Mrs Perkins)
it is torture and evil.  (Seung)
It is the colour of unhappiness and darkness.  (Seung and Ashraf)

Black is dangerous!  (Seung)

By Ameena, Seung, Kyza, Chay, Ashraf, Nidheesh, Tanishka and Mrs Perkins

Group Reflection
We like the way we described out feelings and what darkness brings.
Next steps: We need to include similes and onomatopoeia