Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Digital Citizenship - WALT: Identify the positives and negatives about the internet

WALT: Identify the positives and negatives about the internet

Positives about the internet
Find out information on a topic that you are interested in
The internet is entertaining and stops you from being bored – online games, You Tube clips, TV on demand, live sports, email
Lots of information is all in one place – the internet – you don’t need to find resources from the community/libraries etc
You can communicate with people faster – email, Skype, Viber, What’s App?, Imu, Facebook, Twitter, Facechat, Facetime, Snapchat, Instagram, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger
It’s faster and you can communicate or find information very quickly

Wifi and internet connections don’t always work – We are reliant on the internet and can panic if It won’t go!
Hacked – People can look up your private information without asking
It can harm your eyes
It means that you might not get as much exercise or activity because you are sitting down a lot
It can give you false information
Cyberbullying – People bullying you on the internet
Pop – Ups – tricking you into signing up for things and taking your money
Downloading can cause viruses
You aren’t out in the real world experiencing new activities and making new friends
You forget about others and are too focused on a computer screen
You can release information onto the internet by mistake or make a bad decision and it can be seen by millions of people
You can forget your passwords and get locked out of sites

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