Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Colour Pink - Jiya and Khushi

Pink is fun                    
Pink is the icing on a bun.
Pink is a very loveable colour,
it reminds me of the heart of a mother.
You can see pink everywhere,
it’s over here and over there.

Pink roses are very rare,
Like the ones over there.
Pink is calm
like the colours of lip balm.
Pink is cool, girly and dandy.
It’s the colour of a butterfly
that flutters away in the bright blue sky.
Pink is the yummy strawberries bursting in your mouth,
it reminds me of the most delicious candy floss I've ever had.

Pink makes you feel very shy and embarrassed.
Pink is our expressions,
What would we do without pink?

By Jiya and Khushi

Teacher Comment - Well done girls! I like how you have tried to make your colour poem rhyme. I like that you included how pink makes you feel.

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