Tuesday, 28 March 2017

WALT: Identify and write simple and compound sentences

Simple Sentences
I like cookies and cream ice cream.
I like dark, stormy days.
My cat is white.
I saw a colourful rainbow.

Compound Sentences – Two ideas joined together with a FANBOYS conjunction
F – for       A – and     N – nor      B – But        O – or      Y – yet       S – So

And – Joining similar ideas – to show a connection between two things
I got an ice cream and some chips from the shop.
I went to the movies and got a smoothie.
I went to Mc Donald’s and ordered a cheeseburger.
The girl had blonde hair and brown eyes.

Or – Giving options or choices (either and or can be used in a sentence)
You can have either strawberry or chocolate ice cream.
You can have either a dog or a cat.
You can have some ice cream or a burger.
Would you rather have a car or bike?
Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?

Nor – Don’t like the options or things suggested   don’t/doesn’t/neither
I like neither ice cream nor chocolate.
I don’t like spiders nor snakes.
I like neither baked beans nor fish.

But – Two different or contrasting ideas
I like baked beans but I hate spaghetti.
I like spicy food but not sour candy.
I like fruit but not vegetables.
I like lamb but I don’t like salmon.

So – explaining – effect
I was bored so I watched TV.
I went to a birthday party so that I could eat cake.
I was hot so I stood in front of the fridge.

I was really tired so I went to bed.

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