Tuesday, 21 March 2017

WALT: Write a colour poem - Group Work

WALT – Write a colour poem
SC – Rhyming (optional/not necessary), metaphors, feelings, similes, good adjectives, looks like, adverbs, hyperboles, personification, reminds you of, touch, sounds like, tastes like, smells like

The Colour Black
Black is the colour of our All Blacks team, (Seung)
It is Batman. (Kyza)
Black reminds me of thunderclouds. (Ameena)
Black is Darth Vader, (Tanishka)
Black is darkness.  (Ameena)
Black is evil and the dark side. (Seung)
Black is a moonless sky (Mrs Perkins)
Black is the colour of the Samurai. (Kyza) 
Black is a ninja, (Ashraf)
Black reminds me of a deep, dark cave. (Chay)

Black is spooky, scary and frightening. (Ashraf)
Black is deathly and gloomy, (Mrs Perkins)
it is torture and evil.  (Seung)
It is the colour of unhappiness and darkness.  (Seung and Ashraf)

Black is dangerous!  (Seung)

By Ameena, Seung, Kyza, Chay, Ashraf, Nidheesh, Tanishka and Mrs Perkins

Group Reflection
We like the way we described out feelings and what darkness brings.
Next steps: We need to include similes and onomatopoeia

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