Tuesday, 21 March 2017

WALT: Write a colour poem

WALT – Write a colour poem
SC – Rhyming (optional/not necessary), metaphors, feelings, similes, good adjectives, looks like, adverbs, hyperboles, personification, reminds you of, touch, sounds like, tastes like, smells like

Blue Poem
Blue is the colour of the ocean,
Blue is the sound of waves crashing against the rocks
Blue is the sound of water crashing down from a waterfall.
It is the Artic ocean.
Blue smells like the fresh ocean breeze.

Blue is the smell of snow wafting past my nose.
NZ’s flag is blue
Blue is the colour of cold, freezing rain.
Blue is the colour of the rain droplets high in the sky.
It is the taste of blueberries bursting in your mouth.
It is the calm water that we touch with our fingertips.

Sadness can sometimes come over me when I see blue as it reminds me of tears from someone who is crying.
Blue is the pain of Winter arriving.
Blue can be gloomy and remind me of when I am upset by others.
Blue is also the sky on a fine, sunny day and can make me feel calm and relaxed.

Blue surrounds us.

By Room 21

Class Reflection - We like the way we described our feelings about the colour blue and used some metaphors.
Next steps: To include similes, personification and hyperboles.

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