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WALT: Write a description of the lion dance - Raphaels reading group

WALT: Describe the lion dance by gathering ideas from the article ‘Teasing the Lion’
Pt 3 No 3 1991

Introduction - Khushi
We are describing the Chinese Lion Dance that is performed every Chinese New Year.
We are going to describe what the lion looks like, how the lion moves, how the Chinese people feel about the dance, the sounds that can be heard and how the people inside the lion would feel.

Describe what the lion looks like - Seung Joon
The lion looks like a large cat with a short tail, has human legs and a long body. The lion is really detailed and colourful because he is covered in decorations and he is many colours such as: red, blue, green, yellow etc… like the colours of the rainbow . The lion is marvellous.

How the lion moves - Nicole
First the lion begins to stretch, then he moves backwards when the beat gets faster . When the person in front of the lion waves their fan in front of the lion, the lion has to jump around excitedly like the person is trying to tease the lion.  At the end, the lion does a cool trick like climbing up poles.

Describe how the Chinese people feel about the dance - Akshay
The Chinese people feel lucky because the lion brings good luck to the people.  The Chinese may also feel excited about the dance.   The Chinese will go crazy to see the dance. They would seem amazed.
                                                                                                                                                               Describe the sounds heard during the dance - Alex
The Chinese people can hear the drum while they are dancing. They can also hear the whole crowd cheering for the lion dancing.  There are other kinds of instruments too.

Describe how the people inside the lion would feel - Harshit
The Chinese people would feel super excited because they might like doing the dance.  Although when they are doing the dance, they might be feeling hot.  The dancers are not really feeling nervous because they are concentrating on what they doing and making sure the people under the lion aren’t getting too tired- so their minds are filled up with other things apart from who’s watching them.

I believe that the Chinese people think the lion dance is important because the lion dance means good luck to the Chinese people.  The lion dance is a dance happening during the Chinese New year to celebrate it.


We believe we are extended abstract thinkers because we have described several characteristics of the lion dance.  We have explained many of our ideas and we have evaluated the importance of the lion dance in the conclusion.

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