Saturday, 8 April 2017

Leonardos reading group - Comparing and contrasting a New Zealand and Chinese New Year

WALT: Write a comparison between the Chinese and NZ New Year

We are writing a comparison, comparing the Chinese and NZ New Year. We will be comparing the time of each New Year, how people feel, how it is celebrated, the meanings and traditions behind it and why it is celebrated, costumes and gifts.

Paragraph 2 - The time of the Chinese and New Zealand New Years - Sahil
The Chinese follow the moon calendar.  The moon/lunar calendar is based on the time the moon takes to go around the Earth.  The moon cycle is about 29.5 days. The Chinese New Years changes every year according to the lunar calendar. Whereas in NZ New Years is always held on the same date.  New Years Eve is on the 31st of December and New Years Day is the 1st of January.  The year in NZ is based on how long the Earth takes to rotate the Sun which is approximately 365 days.    

Paragraph 3 - How people feel on Chinese and New Zealand new years - Khushi
In NZ, on New Years, people feel happy and excited.  They remember the year and think about any good/bad things that have happened.  People make New Year's resolutions - things they hope to achieve in the following year.  In China, New Years is an important and happy time.  It is a time when bad luck is swept away and good luck is welcomed.  New Years brings new hope for the following year.

Paragraph 4 - How the Chinese and NZ new years are celebrated - Vanessa
In NZ and in China, New Years is celebrated with our family, family friends, cousins and friends.
In China, they clean their houses to sweep away bad luck and sometimes paint their houses red for good luck. Whereas in NZ, we go out for dinner and have parties.

Paragraph 5 - Costumes/clothes - Tanishka
New Zealanders wear their normal clothes on New Years Eve but the Chinese people wear red clothing because they say it brings good luck.

Paragraph 6 -Gifts - Kyza
In China they give red envelopes that have money inside and the envelopes are red to bring good luck.  Chinese people give fruit baskets and sweets but in New Zealand there are no gifts given.

Conclusion -  Micah
It is important for the Chinese people to celebrate New Years because it brings them good luck and it brings families together.  It is also important for New Zealanders because they make special resolutions that they can try to achieve to help them in the future.

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