Monday, 24 April 2017

I am learning to describe where I come from

WALT:Write a description of where we come from.
WALT: Paragraph our ideas
Ideas to include:
The ethnicity/culture of my family - grandparents, parents and you
When your family immigrated to NZ and why
Your families home language/religion/beliefs/traditions/celebrations
Special traditions and possessions that are important to your family.
 Eg: war medals, family crest, photos of great-grandparents……..

Relational thinking
Explain how something from your past has influenced/impacted or affected you.
Eg: Visiting relatives in China - How has this impacted or affected you?
Eg: Going to a special place - How did this affect you?
Eg: Taking part in a cultural performance/dance/festival - How did this affect/influence you?
Eg: Going to church - how has this affected you as a person?
Eg: Getting given something special or important from a family member - How did this
affect/impact you?
Eg: Taking part in a special activity with your family - how did this impact or affect you?

Extended Abstract Thinking - Choose 1 of these
I can evaluate why my culture/family history/traditions/values and beliefs are so important
I can predict how my culture/family history/traditions/values and beliefs might affect my
life in the future
I can evaluate why family (grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, uncles/aunties etc..)
is so important
I can make a generalisation about family history/traditions/values and beliefs

Write your description below:
I am writing a description of where I come from.  I will be describing
my family history and my culture, my family's religion, my family's
migration to NZ and my special taonga that are important to me.

I am Maori, Samoan and have a little bit of Chinese and Australian in me.
My Mum is Maori and my Dad is Samoan. My Grandma came from Samoa,
she came to NZ to work for money for her family in Samoa. My
Great-Grandpa on my dad's side came from Australia and his
dad was born in England so that makes me English as well.
My poppa came from China on a boat and met my nana on that boat.  

My taonga is my Mum’s korowai (a cloak with feathers) that she
made with bird feathers, we take it to funerals or graduations and
other special occasions, that is one of my family’s traditions.
I am a mormon and go to church every Sunday, this has influenced
me to go to church every Sunday now and when i’m older.

I’ve visited relatives in America for a family reunion and we just
got together and had special activities.  One of the activities we did
was to go to a very beautiful  beach, talk and eat s'mores together.
This reunion was very special because I got to learn about my family
history, such as my ancestors and my culture.

By Micah

Student Assessment -
I think I am relational because I have explained how my family
reunion affected me by teaching me about my family history.

I am writing a description of where I come from. I will be
describing my family's background and why they came to NZ.  
I will also describe my family’s traditions and religion.  

My family and my ancestors are from a state called Goa in India.  
Goa is a small place in India.  In my family the tradition we do is
we sing authentic Goan songs and dance at weddings and
celebrations.  Even though my family is Indian we do not
celebrate Diwali. At home I speak English but my mum
speaks to her family in Portuguese.  When my mum lived
in Goa, India, they spoke Portuguese because Portugal was
in charge of Goa. My Dad speaks to his family in English.
My grandparents from my dad’s side live in Mumbai, India
and my dad was born there but my grandfather from my
dad’s side was born and spent 1 year of his life in Africa.  
My grandmother from my dad’s side was born and spent
4 years in  Burma in southeastern Asia. My Mum and my
mum’s parents were born and raised in Goa. My family's
religion is Roman Catholic.  We are Christians. My dad came
here in 2002 and then went back to India and then after
my parents got married they came back in 2003.

We migrated to NZ from India to experience a different
lifestyle and different cultural background that we thought
would be interesting.  My uncle and his family came here a
few years before us and my grandparents have been here
before also.  My family is very important to me because
they are always trying to push me to work to my best ability.
This year when I went to India I learned that my great,
great grandfather had built a house in Goa and he
supervised and helped build it and that teaches me to
always finish what you start and to persevere in any
job you do.  In the future, I would like to be an engineer
and my great, great grandfather taught me to always try
your best in any work you do.

By Nicole 

My reflection - I think I am relational because I described many ideas about myself and my family and I explained my ideas in detail.  

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  1. Good Job Micah and Nicole!!! I love how you explained about your family. Great work!