Sunday, 9 April 2017

Our trip to Mt Albert Wave Pools - Keywords that we might need

WALT: Identify keywords that we might use in our recount about the Wave Pools

Chlorine, Mt Albert Wave Pools
Water, awesome, hydro slide, people, shouting, sessions, laughing, instructors, boating, diving, lifeguards, floating, life jacket, jumping, survival, milk bottles, garbage bag, splashing, ropes, transparent, flutter board, cafeteria, swimming, waves, children, spas, safety, parents, lessons, boat, teacher, inflatable, rubber, swimming togs, goggles, spare clothes, swimming cap, towel, free time, uniform, Room 8, bus, useless, caves in the pool, wave machine, river, fountains, screaming, drains, deep water, shallow water, lanes, laps

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