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Raphaels reading group - Comparing and contrasting between a Chinese garden that has been built in NZ and the Halsey Drive School gardens and seating areas

In a Chinese Garden – Pt 2 No 4 2010
WALT: Write a comparison between the Chinese garden in the story and the Halsey Drive School gardens

We are writing a comparison between the Chinese garden in the story, ‘In a Chinese Garden’ and the Halsey Drive School gardens.  We are comparing the types of plants and flowers, the tools used, the materials used, the reasons and meanings why the gardens were created and where the gardens were made.

Paragraph 2 - Comparing the types of plants - Alex
In a Chinese garden there are tiny flowers and Halsey Drive School has the same. Halsey Drive School has a native bush because we appreciate the nature of plants. Swan plants, flax and different types of flowers can be seen around our school. Halsey Drive School and the Chinese garden both have flowers.  The Chinese garden has lotus flowers.  Halsey Drive School has pohutukawa plants because we appreciate native NZ species.

Paragraph 3 - Comparing the types of tools used - Nidheesh
To make a Chinese garden the Chinese people used saws and hammers.  At Halsey Drive, saws and hammers were used to make our seating areas too.  In New Zealand we use drills, mowers, cranes, diggers, nails ,etc.  The Chinese didn’t use nails because the timber was fitted together using traditional mortise and tenon joints.

Paragraph 4 - Comparing the materials used - Hersh
There are a lot of materials used when building a Chinese garden and the Halsey Drive garden such as dirt, rock, wire, etc. In the Halsey Drive garden they have used wire and dirt/soil.  In the Chinese garden they have used equipment such as timber, terracotta tiles, bark and wood. Overall I think that a Chinese garden is important to the Chinese people and also very detailed but the Halsey Drive garden is also nice.

Paragraph 5 - Comparing where the gardens (or parts of the gardens) were made - Akshay
Some of the Halsey Drive school garden has been created in front of the year 2 classes.  Most of our garden (the native forest) was  grown on the field. We also have a vegetable garden behind our pool.  However, some Chinese gardens are grown across a lake. Their bridges and pavilions were built in China and shipped to NZ.

Paragraph 6 - Comparing the reasons and meanings behind the gardens and why they were created.  - Harshit  and Seung Joon
The Chinese garden was created so the Chinese people can understand their culture and history.  Dunedin’s Chinese scholar garden was a gift to the people of New Zealand from the Chinese community.  The Chinese garden is  a memorial to the Chinese people who came to New Zealand in the 1860s.  The Chinese garden is a peaceful place where people think, read and write. The Halsey Drive school gardens are a clean place to enjoy nature.  One of our gardens is filled with fresh fruit that we eat. We don’t grow any vegetables yet but we are going to do that later in the future. Our garden was created in 2014. It was created by room 10, the 7 year olds of the school.

Conclusion - Nicole and Eliza -  Evaluate - Is it important that the Chinese garden has been built in NZ?  Yes/No?  Explain
We think the Chinese garden is important to build in NZ because it will show NZ about the Chinese culture, what’s special and it will show us their heritage, history and what’s important to the Chinese people and it will also show their families.  It will teach us (the people living in NZ) about the lifestyle and culture of the Chinese people and what is important to them and their heritage.  The Chinese gardens Chinese name is Lan Yuan.

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  1. I really like the way you compared a Chinese garden and our school garden