Thursday, 4 May 2017

Health -Term 2 - Self acceptance

When we do health in school, what are we learning about?
Your body, how your body works and moves, your life, things that can benefit you/be good for you, looking after yourself, your condition or wellbeing, things that help you to be happy and healthy, how to keep yourself safe

Term 2 – Health - Self Esteem/self acceptance

Self Esteem –
Good self esteem – You are happy, you show confidence and believe in yourself
Bad self esteem – You are unconfident, don’t believe in yourself and you don’t have good thoughts about yourself – you think you can’t do a lot of things.  Negative thoughts about yourself.   

Self Acceptance – You accept yourself. You believe in yourself.  You are happy with who you are as a person.  Accepting what your good at and what you might need help with.  You show pride in your accomplishments.  You are fine the way you are and don’t feel the need to change or be different.  You are pleased and confident with who you are. 

(Write down your answers on a piece of paper) 
NOTE: You don’t have to share your answers with anyone unless you want to.
1.    List three describing words that describe you in a positive way.  (Your personality)
2.   List at least 3 things that you think you are good at. 
3.   How do you think other people would describe you?  3 describing words
4.   What job do you think you’d be good at when your older and why?

5.   What do you think your parents would say is your best quality?

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