Thursday, 18 May 2017

Persuasive Writing - Being a Kid is Better than Being an Adult! by Jiya, Sandhya and Rachita

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Being a Kid is Better than Being an Adult!
Being a KID is waaaaaay better than being an ADULT!  After you read this, you will be on our side.  These are the reasons why.  Kids don’t have as many responsibilities as adults.  Secondly, they
don’t have to take care of anyone else and finally, kids don’t have to go to work.  Kids have more

The first reason is that kids don’t have big responsibilities.  Children don’t have to pay bills.  For example, the internet bill, electricity, water, insurance, rent, mortgage payments and gas.  Adults also have to pay for many expenses such as, money needed to run a car and take care of it, education for their children, after school care or activities and groceries.  Adults lives can be BORING and DIFFICULT.  It can’t be easy at times, having to earn and pay for everything!  How stressful!  Meanwhile, children just get to enjoy the things that their parents  provide for them, what a GREAT life!   ( Rachita )

The second reason is that children don’t have to take care of anyone else.  Adults have to take of their children.  It could be VERY , VERY BORING!  They have to wake their children, get them ready, send them to school and pick up them up . All while they organise themselves as well.  OMG!  That's a lot of work.  Adults have to run around a lot when they do all these things.The parents again have to drop off their kids at after school care and activities.  It would be SO DIFFICULT for adults to sort themselves out. (Jiya )

The third reason is that kids don’t have to go to work.  Adults have to go to work to earn money so they can spend it on their needs.  While kids only have to go to school and at school there will be A LOT of fun activities.  When kids come home from school they get to play whatever they want.  Adults still will be at work or doing something like cooking or cleaning the house.  WOW!  That would be A LOT of work! (Sandhya)

We’re sure that you’re on our side, now that you know our reasons .Now do think that KIDS are better than ADULTS?  Kids don’t have big responsibilities, kids don’t have to take care of anyone else and kids don’t have to go to work.  Be totally happy if you’re a kid!


Teacher Comment - Well done girls!  Excellent paragraphing and organising of ideas.  I like how you have emphasised important words by putting them in capitals.  Excellent use of adjectives/emotive language to help state your opinion (eg: Difficult, boring vs happy and great).   NEXT STEP: Use questioning to make your audience think.

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