Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Persuasive writing - Claim: TV is a good invention - Ideas for and against

Claim/statement: TV is a good invention
It is better for the health of your eyes –
It is better to look at than the screen of a laptop or computer as the screen is bigger and you don’t have to sit so close.

TV shows can be educational.
TV shows such as My Kitchen Rules, Wildest Islands of Indonesia, Elmo and Sesame Street, The Magic School Bus, What Now,  Little Einstein and Curious George can teach children and even adults about important values and life lessons, facts about things on Earth, numbers, letters and new words, how to cook, to speak different languages, science ideas.

Seven Sharp, One and Channel 3 News, The Project, Hope Channel, National Geographic Channel, Newshub, Fair Go. 
Teach you about things that are happening in NZ and around the world – they inform you – give you knowledge about what is happening, they teach you about science and the Earth and current affairs.

If children watch documentaries they might learn lots of interesting facts and knowledge.

It is entertaining
TV can keep you entertained because many shows are humorous and interesting.  They have interesting characters, settings and storylines.
Eg: Ben and Holly, Peppa Pig, Neighbours, The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory, Spongebob, Super Strikers, Doctor Who, The Thunderbirds, Tom and Jerry, Miles from Tomorrow Land, Chipindales?

People who watch TV can have better self control?
Research – Find evidence, statistics and facts…..

Some programmes can teach you about different countries and cultures around the world. 
Eg:  National Geographic, Maori TV, Travel shows, Survivor
How?  What do they show you about different cultures?
Traditions, food, legends, festivals, celebrations, how they live, beliefs……

Too much TV is bad for your health
You will get less exercise if you watch too much TV.  Exercise is important and good for your body because……………
Hurts your eyes.  Research…….dry eyes?  Eye strain?
Can change your brain…. Do research on this……..

Children who watch bad programmes/inappropriate start showing bad behaviour.
Research and find evidence……

To buy a TV can cost a lot of money.. Research……..

TV can lower your concentration levels for other activities.  Research…..

People can become lazy and won’t get other things done.  Eg: Chores, homework.

You could be doing much healthier and more social things with your time.
Reading books
Go outside and play – bike, game
Board games
Helping your family
Playing sport
Spending time with your family
Art – colouring
Playing with friends
Socialising and talking to people
Organising yourself

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