Thursday, 4 May 2017

Success criteria for writing a persuasive text

WALT: Write a piece of persuasive writing
Forceful language. Eg:  Let’s act now!   Stop now! 
Make a change!  Stop right there!  Stop littering today!
What are you doing!  Don’t do that!

Could you live with yourself if you knew you were contributing to the pollution of our planet?
Do you feel the need to ….
What are you doing? Are you truly thinking about your actions?
Do you understand what’s happening?
Do you watch TV? 

Positive or negative words that help to prove your claim
TV is not a good invention – terrible, garbage, trash, harmful, horrible, rubbish
TV is a good invention – great, fascinating, marvellous, amazing, educational, awesome, magnificent, out of this world, fantastic, creative, informative, fabulous, outstanding, mind blowing, brilliant

Intro (Para 1) – Stating your claim and listing your three main ideas
Para 2 – First main idea and evidence
Para 3 – Second main idea and evidence
Para 4 – Third main idea and evidence
Conclusion (para 5) – Re-state your opinion and sum up your three main ideas.  Forceful language.  Creative ideas for change.  A persuasive sentence.

Use simple, compound and complex sentences
Simple sentences – 1 idea
Compound sentences – 2 ideas joined together using – FANBOYS – for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so
Complex sentences – Ideas joined together that support each other.  Joined together with conjunctions such as: however, although, when, since, before, because, after

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